RPGNET Tro Challenge 1

These are the results of the first challenge on RPGnet initiated by Gene Freak to design a new roleplaying game in 1 week based on a set of ingredients. The challenge and the judges comments on the entries are located on the following RPGnet thread:-


Entries must choose at least four ingredients from the three lists below and there must be one element from each list included in the submission.


* A game mechanic that is specifically tied to the setting. An example of this is CoC sanity mechanic.
* A creative way of detailing starting equipment for characters.
* Structured pacing and scene mechanics.


* Events revolving around the Secret War and/or it's aftermath.
* Events revolving around an economic crisis
* Events revolving around a contested succession, royal or corporate. 


* Dowry
* Unrest
* Cloning
* Perpetuity

Between 0-20 marks will be awarded in each of five categories giving a total score for each entry out of 100. The judging categories are

1) Character Options (including both system elements and setting elements - meaning that it doesn't just produce mechanically sound characters but also characters that would be fun to play)

2) Mechanics (the task resolution and, if there is one, conflict resolution mechanic of the game)

3) Setting

4) Integration

5) Creative Use of Ingredients

RPGNet Author

Game Link


Gavken Marking



A pre-apocalyptic game of rock legends that turns it up to twelve.

12/13/17/15/7 = 64


Mad Science Boys.pdf

Mad Science Boys - A roleplaying Game of Genius, social Awkardness and Science

9/14/10/18/15 = 66



Hivemind - A game of clones working within a hive environment.

7/13/916/17 = 62

Gene Freak


To Win a Royal Heart - A game of potential suitors to a Royal Pricess newly ascended to the throne.

8/14/6/16/16 = 60



Pretty Princess Death Diary - A game of Pricesses competing ruthlessly to marry then murder a Prince.

11/13/5/14/18 = 61