RPGNET Tro Challenge 8

The content was held on the following thread on RPGnet where you can find the judges comments:-


These are the results of the 8h challenge on RPGnet, the first one initiated by Gene Freak to design a new roleplaying game in 2 weeks based on a set of ingredients. This challenge had just over two weeks to do the design in March 2010.

Each entry into the competition must utilize at least 5 ingredients and must have at least one System Constraint, one Genre Blend, and one MacGuffin. Also, entries must include a title page with the following clearly stated: Title, Author's name, RPG.net screen name, and Ingredients used.


System Constraints

Scoring: You will be judged on how you applied the concept & spirit of each chosen constraint. How inventive are they? How functional are they in play? How fun are they in play?

Genre Blender
You must pick two of the following genres and combine the tropes listed to create your game. Picking additional ingredients from this category means adding an additional genre, and its tropes, to your setting (i.e. two ingredients from this category means three genres combined).

Scoring: You will be judged on whether you included all of the selected genres/tropes and how well you made them mesh together into a cohesive, enjoyable game. Originality will also be a factor as some combinations have been used, and abused, many times.

Driving Force, A.K.A the MacGuffin!
There are many well written games with rich settings that have a universal problem: "OK, so what do characters do in this game?" Not so for this competition! This ingredient requires that your game have a clearly defined MacGuffin for your game. This is a motivating plot element that is used to drive the game's story and will heavily influence the world setting. Think of it as a spicy seasoning used to flavor your Genre Blend ingredients. The basic definition of a MacGuffin (at least for this competition) is a single statement that provides characters with a clear, overarching goal.

Here are several MacGuffin examples, feel free come up with your own.

Scoring: You will be judged on how clearly and cleverly the MacGuffin is depicted. How well does it mesh with the other ingredients you have chosen? Does it make the game more interesting?

You are not required to use an ingredient from this category.

RPGNet Author

Game Link


Reidzilla Marking

DMSO Marking

Cardinal Ximenes

Starry Deep

A game of Fairy Tale Pirates in Space





Space Pirates in the Solar System afflicted by a Virus




Dead Men Pull No Punches

People brought back to life to stop the Nazi's getting an ancient relic




Tales of the Glass Slipper

Faeries tracking down renegades in the modern world