RPGNET Tro Challenge 9

The content was held on the following thread on RPGnet where you can find the judges comments:-


These are the results of the 9h challenge on RPGnet, the first one initiated by Gene Freak to design a new roleplaying game in 2 weeks based on a set of ingredients. This challenge had just over 10 days to do the design in May 2012.

Each entry into the competition must utilize at least 5 ingredients and must have at least one Fan Favourite, one Wish List, one Forbidden Genre Blend (containing two genres from the list), and one Needs More Love. Also, entries must include a title page with the following clearly stated: Title, Author's name, RPG.net screen name, and Ingredients used.


Fan Favourites

Needs more Love

Wish List

Forbidden Genre Blend

RPGNet Author

Game Link


Inkyhat Marking

Reidzilla Marking

Gavken Marking



A game about ordinary people who’ve been given a shot at greatness. But there is a price for this power - it drastically shortens the users lifespan




Random Interupt


Spymasters fight a game of words, misdirection, theft and assassination, not for gold or glory but in service of the realm, because someone has to.






An epic high fantasy game about the descents of the God Kings called the Spell Forged






Heroes of Cthulu